Car Diagnostics Henlow

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ECUs (Engine Control Units) are installed in most modern vehicles. They monitor and manage a number of electronic systems to keep your vehicle running at optimal performance. If a fault occurs in any of these systems a code is created that is usually stored in the associated ECU. Henlow Motor Services use specialist, sophisticated diagnostic equipment to connect to your vehicle and read any fault codes that are stored. We then use these to diagnose any faulty components and resolve the problem.

A dashboard can have over 60 warning lights

Here are just a few things that our diagnostic equipment helps us to resolve:

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At Henlow Motor Services we have invested in the newly developed X-431 Euro Tab 3 which is a high-end vehicle diagnostics testing tool that offers powerful diagnostics testing and several special functions that allow us to provide the most comprehensive diagnostics testing for our customers and put us ahead of the curve.
The X-431 has a 4.0-inch screen using an Android 9.0 operating system that communicates directly with a vehicle for diagnostics testing allowing our technicians to efficiently diagnose the problem with your car, van or even truck.
The Euro Tab 3 moves us apart from your average diagnostics garage into a leading full fault code solution for your vehicle. Contact us today or book online to schedule a diagnostics appointment for your vehicle.

Euro Tab 3 Features

Below are just some of the incredible features the X-431 Euro Tab 3 allows us to use.